Coil Slitting Lines


BOSPORAS ADM-1600 coil slitting line, allows sheet metal materials to slit easily, heavy tonnage work to be done and user operator to work faster, easier and productive thanks to our technical team developing it with high-end technologies.

BOSPORAS is always among the first ranks in its field with its technical team and many years of experience in coil slitting process while sharing all knowledge and high technologies with the iron-steel industry. Sturdy, effective and long-lasting slitting lines are manufactured with high costs but BOSPORAS investments, experiences and state-of-the-ark technologies offer the world-quality slitting lines for the lowest cost possible while prioritizing the customer satisfaction.

You can inspect the chart that shows the technical features of our coil slitting line below. Please contact us for price offers, custom requests or additional feature information.

Hydraulic Decoiler

Hydraulic Coil Car

Pinching Unit

Slitter Cutting Unit

Slitting Blades

Scrap Recoiler

Loop Closing Bridge


Separator Unit

Recoiler System

Electronic Control Panel

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems